2016 TIN Industry Survey returns due now

Don’t forget to enter the TIN Industry Survey. It gets great coverage and profile on a national basis, so good for your company and great for Christchurch profile raising.

TIN uses this survey to collect information about the technology companies they will be listing in the 2016 TIN100 Report. If you are, or know of, any company that meets our reporting criteria below, and you haven’t received a survey, please email research@tinetwork.com

To qualify for inclusion in the TIN100 Report companies must:

1.      Originate in New Zealand;*

2.      Retain a meaningful presence in New Zealand;

3.      Operate in the High-tech Manufacturing, ICT, or Biotech sectors;

4.      Have developed their own technology-based intellectual property; and

5.      Generate at least 10% of their revenues offshore.

(*Foreign acquired companies are included in the report only if they meet the above criteria, are not subsumed within the parent company, and still provide their own financial data.)

Do you have your copy of the TIN100 Report?

The current 11th edition of the TIN100 Report provides a ‘who’s who’ of NZ’s top 200 high-tech companies:

  • Company revenue and staff size statistics
  • Comprehensive CEO and company contact details
  • Company ownership information
  • Changes in company revenue rankings since 2014…and much more!