Charity Hackathon: 1-3 May

CharityIT brings charitable/ non-profit organisations (NPO’s) and IT professionals together over a weekend to overcome small challenges through IT which can make a big difference in the day-to-day activities of these organisations.

After a few successful runs in other parts of the country, CharityIT will bring it’s popular Chatity Hackathon to Christchurch. The event will kick off with a three hour session on Friday afternoon (1.May) and continue for 8 hours on both Saturday and Sunday (2. & 3. May). This is a great opportunity for IT professionals and organisations to get involved in the community and show their support towards a worthy cause. Join in for some agile fun!

CharityIT are currently looking for volunteers and sponsors for the event.

Registration for volunteers here.

If you are able to assist with sponsorship of $500+ or a venue, please email