GovHack Christchurch

GovHack Christchurch is an awesome (and free!) hacking event that is open to people interested in using open government data to build new apps and solving local problems in new and innovative ways. There will be prizes to be won, food, great people and a lot of fun.

GovHack Christchurch will be held from evening 29 July to late afternoon 31 July at the Christchurch City Council  (Hereford Street). Teams compete for local and national prizes by submitting their idea and a video at the end of the weekend. You can find out more on the govhack website:


Reasons to GovHack

  • To have fun
  • To make friends
  • To learn something new
  • To build something cool
  • Free food
  • Prizes
  • Connect with people
  • To show off your skills
  • To get noticed
  • To share your ideas
  • To try out new technology

How to be involved in GovHack

Registration opens on the 30th of May for this free event.  Visit the GovHack website for details (

By spreading the word across your networks and encourage your friends and colleagues to attend! Follow @govhacknz on twitter, and get in contact with me to talk about other ways you might be able to promote registration?

We are also looking for businesses and organisations to provide prizes, ideas, inspiration/problems to solve, bounties, data, mentoring and the essentials like food and equipment! Contact Dana ( to talk about other ways to be involved.