Microsoft Cybersecurity Event

Microsoft NZ and the Christchurch Employers Chamber of Commerce invites you to a breakfast presentation with three of Microsoft’s Global Cybersecurity Executives.

Drawing upon their extensive global experience and relationships, and deep technical knowledge, Paul Nicholas, Senior Director, Global Security Strategy & Diplomacy team, Kevin Sullivan, Principal Security Strategist, GSS&D and Pierre Noel, Chief Security Officer and Advisor, Microsoft Asia will help develop a wider and deeper understandings of the international cybersecurity environment.

They will provide insight into current and future cybersecurity challenges and the ways in which they impact New Zealand government, businesses and citizens. They will be particularly focussed on informing thinking about the future design of New Zealand’s regulatory, policy and institutional arrangements for cybersecurity.  They will share the knowledge and lessons they have learned from their cybersecurity engagements with other governments and seek opportunities to connect New Zealand public and private sector organisations to Microsoft’s global experience and activities in addressing cybersecurity risks.

Paul, Kevin and Pierre also have extensive engagement with businesses and the cybersecurity challenges they face around the world. Drawing on this cross-sector experience, they will be especially interested to discuss howgovernment and the private sector can form effective partnerships to enhance New Zealand’s overall ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.

In these discussions, they will share their overarching interest in the question of how organisations can increase their resilience in the face of the growing array of rapidly evolving cyber threats that we all face.

Date: 2nd April

Time: 7:30am – 10:00am

Location: The George, 50 Park Terrace

RSVP by 5pm Monday 30th March to Pauline Cheeseman – Microsoft NZ. Email: or call 04 470 6602