Notice of Resolution


That the members of Canterbury Software agree to a trading name change to Canterbury Tech.


Reasons for proposed name change:

  1. Canterbury Software started in 2002 as the Tech BBQ
  2. The objective has been to support tech company founders/CEOs etc on growing their business, in what was quite an isolated existence and often with an export focus
  3. The tech sector is the fastest growing sector in NZ, set to overtake dairy and tourism by 2020
  4. We have the biggest and most successful cluster in NZ
  5. The name ‘software’ appears to alienate some who could benefit from being part of the group – including those in non-tech roles like sales, marketing, finances and HR; those in the wider tech community eg hardware, telcos and the Internet of Things and those who don’t even consider themselves part of ‘tech’ companies, such as health or education providers who use software as a platform
  6. This is especially relevant as we operate more and more globally
  7. And there is an increased convergence between software and other tech; with learning opportunities across the sectors

Our purpose

The cluster committee has reviewed our purpose and agreed the focus of the cluster is about supporting the business of tech.

That our purpose is to run inspiring and educational events which enable businesses to connect and grow.

We are clarifying our audience and ensuring the events we run meet the needs of people who care about the business of tech.

This will be for the purposes of ‘trading as’ rather than the legal name of the Society.

In essence we are trying to be more inclusive, building on our origins and focusing on running events with a purpose.


The Software Committee therefore recommends that the members of Canterbury Software agree to a trading name change to Canterbury Tech.