Tech for Non Tech One Day Course

Level up your career in a world driven by digital

Tech for Non-Tech is a programme designed specifically to help non-technical people deepen their understanding in concepts and processes of web development and IT, as well as how to work amazingly with developers.

Run by New Zealand’s leading school for immersive, industry based web development. #JoinTheFuture

Date: 19th or 20th April

Location: Greenhouse, 146 Lichfield St, Christchurch

From: 8.30am to 2pm

Cost: $429

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If you deal with software and technical teams this programme is for you.

You’ll walk away more confident in your ability to understand terminology, processes and the way tech teams and tech businesses work.

You will be able to meaningfully contribute to meetings and projects

We cover the fundamental concepts that software development is built on so that you have a strong frame of reference when dealing with technical colleagues, organisations, products and projects.

What you’ll be doing

Tech for non Techs (Fundamentals) is a programme designed specifically for employees in SMEs, corporate organisations and the public sector.

We’ll cover: Web development – core concepts and terminology.

Guest session: Tech and Non Tech workimng relationships – What are the problems? What are some tactical solutions?

How code is written

End to end development process

$ / Time / Quality / Quantity

Hot technology (why some things are trending, where the future could go)

Who this is suitable for

If your role touches technology but you’re not a web developer or programmer this course will help you level up.

Content managers, project managers, product owners, business analysts, sales and marketing, entrepreneurs,