Trimble gearing up for Canterbury Tech Summit

Showcasing the coolest projects in their hefty R&D portfolio to hundreds of eager peers is a highlight of the Canterbury Tech Summit for global tech powerhouse, Trimble.

The Tech Summit, kicking off on September 12 in Christchurch, is the South Island’s largest annual tech conference, bringing together over 700 leaders in innovation, technology and business to share ideas, grow their networks and be inspired.

For Gold Sponsor Trimble, the Tech Summit is an opportunity to share the latest exciting projects with others in their industry and network with the best and brightest tech talent.

“We have some cool, out-there projects. Participation is about promoting an awareness of Trimble because we don’t sell directly into New Zealand, we sell through dealers, so people will only know us by the people who work in our R&D teams,” says Trimble Managing Director Corinne Haines.

Trimble, an international company listed and head-quartered in the US, has an annual revenue of roughly US$2.3 billion and 8,500 employees world-wide.

The multinational organisation has offices all over the world yet has strategically elected to retain the beating heart of its R&D base right here in Christchurch.

Haines heads up a Christchurch-based team of 250 developers and says the Tech Summit is a great place to scope out potential talent as well as get the low-down on the latest developments in the wider tech industry.

“We can give people good job opportunities and help the economy of Christchurch,” she says.

“It’s also great to see what else is happening in Christchurch and to support the industry in our city to ensure that we have a vibrant technology environment which encourages people to enjoy working in our city, and to improve the economy of the Christchurch and the country.”

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