TUANZ After 5: Lessons from Israel, and insights for NZ – Christchurch

Accelerating New Zealand’s innovation and entrepreneurial performance – lessons from Israel, and insights for New Zealand

Speaker: Simon Moutter, Managing Director of Spark LtdIn May, Simon led 55 delegates representing many aspects of “New Zealand Inc.”, on our country’s first large-scale Innovation Mission to Israel. The purpose was to better understand what has driven Israel’s phenomenal commercialisation of technological innovation and entrepreneurial success, as well as determine the extent to which these factors might be replicable in New Zealand.

The reason was simple. The reality is, economic development in a digital world will be a highly competitive race. So it matters how fast we go – if we aren’t paddling our waka faster than the competition, we’re effectively going backwards. Come along and hear Simon’s thoughts on what the Mission observed in Israel, the insights and implications for New Zealand and some possible actions we might take to accelerate our ability to commercialise great ideas. And while Simon will be physically present at SPARK Auckland, members and SPARK customers will be invited to attend locations in Wellington and Christchurch to be part of the event through the webcast of Simon’s presentation to those locations. Each site will provide refreshments and participants will be able to provide questions to Simon through use of a smartphone app.

Date: Tuesday 23 August
Time: 5pm-7pm, CBC, 478 Cranford St
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