Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – a view to the future

You are invited to attend a free event which will bring you up to date with developments in the rapidly growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry:

  • What new UAV technologies are emerging locally and overseas?
  • Who’s using UAVs and how?
  • How might they add value to your business?
  • What opportunities do UAVs provide for researchers?
  • How can environmental managers and farmers benefit?
  • What are the regulations governing UAV use and what does the future hold?

All of these questions, and others you may like to ask, will be answered at an event to be hosted jointly by the Canterbury Development Corporation, the University of Canterbury’s Spatial Engineering Research Centre and Airways New Zealand.

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Date: Tuesday 26 May
Venue: The Atrium, 455 Hagley Avenue Christchurch
Time: 8:30am – 1:30pm


8:00am: Registration

8:30am: Welcome Jamie Cairns, GM, CDC Innovation

8:35am: Introduction to the day Peter John, CDC Innovation

8:40am: A review of the local and international UAV industry, Kelvin Barnsdale, Senior Research Engineer, SERC

9:05am: Aerial Robotics in the field – an overview of applications and system capabilities, Linda Bulk, Aeronavics

9:30am: UAVs in the news and entertainment industries, Lavinia Cook, COBI Digital

9:50am: The potential for UAVs in agriculture, Craige MacKenzie, Agri-Optics Ltd.

10:15am: Q and A


10:50am: UAVs helping save lives at sea, Gordon McKay, Canterbury Air Patrol

11:10am: Rural Fire – saving lives and property, Dr Richard Parker, Research Leader – Rural Fire Scion

11:30am: UAVs as a research tool, Dr Richard Green, University of Canterbury

11:55am: Airspace: Accommodation, Integration and Evolution, Mike Haines, Airways New Zealand

12:10pm: The University of Canterbury UAV flight test areas, Kelvin Barnsdale, Senior Research Engineer, SERC

12:25pm: Regulatory update Rex Kenny, Manager Special Flight Operations & Recreational Aviation, CAA

12:40pm: Q and A

1:00pm: Concluding comments, Chris Thomson, Aviation Programme Manager, Callaghan Innovation

1:10pm: LUNCH

2:00pm: Event ends