Date: 03/05/2016
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: UC School of Forestry, Forestry Road, Christchurch

Our monthly Canterbury Tech Cluster events provide a great opportunity to network and listen to speakers present on a wide range of topics.  For our May event we are being hosted by the University of Canterbury and will be splitting into a technical and business stream.

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Technical Stream

Speaker: Raazesh Sainudiin
raazCigarUppsalaFaceCloseUpRaazesh Sainudiin is a member of the Computational Maths Group and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Maths and Stats, Univ of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (­). He completed PhD at Cornell and a postdoctoral research fellowship at Oxford before joining UC in 2007. He spent 2015 in industrial R&D coding in Apache Spark and is currently organising Christchurch Apache Spark Meetups. He will be introducing Apache Spark for scalable data analytics from a very high-level.

Apache Spark for scalable data analytics

Talk Topic

  1. Overview of the technology, how it improves on hadopp-map-reduce, etc
  2. What are the implementation options (locally and in the AWS/Azure/Google Clouds)
  3. What are the business use cases? (eg. recommender systems like Amazon and NetFlix, uses in Business Analytics, IoT sensing and processing problems etc.)
  4. How to go about preparing/studying/ for this technology etc. (It is currently the highest median-salary earning skill in IT) in Christchurch.

Rick Beaton, Leader of UC’s Computational Maths Group and recipient of UC’s 2015 Innovation medal will say a few words about his contribution to R&D in the local industry.

Business Stream

3 Business Speakers

Dr Rachel Wright – Rachel is the Operations Director for UC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE). UCE builds capabilities amongst UC students to enable them to become New Zealand’s next generation of talented entrepreneurs, innovators, change-makers and leaders. This pool of talent will contribute to the entrepreneurial eco-system that will enable the future growth of Christchurch, New Zealand and beyond.

David Humm – David is the ICT Business Development Manager within Research and Innovation with a particular interest in industry-university engagement in the tech sector. His role is to encourage and facilitate consultancy and applied research opportunities between academics and business partners.

David Shearer – Director Executive Development Programmes

Talk Topic

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) and the Executive Development Programmes (EDP) are new initiatives in the University of Canterbury’s focus on partnering with industry. Alongside Research & Innovation, these initiatives encourage a greater level of meaningful engagement with Canterbury businesses through incubators, start-up clubs, internships, applied research, consultancy, commercialisation, business-focused student projects and industry led programmes that actively encourage students, staff and researchers to participate more fully in the Canterbury entrepreneurial ecosystem. We would like to share what the next phase of these changes will provide to local businesses.

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