Date: 04/07/2017
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: PwC Centre, Level 4, 60 Cashel Street , Christchurch

Our monthly Canterbury Tech Cluster events provide a great opportunity to network and listen to speakers present on a wide range of topics. Our July event is kindly being hosted by PwC. We have both a technical and business stream this evening.


Outline of the evening:

5.30pm Networking, drinks and nibbles

6.00pm Canterbury Tech update, industry news, quick pitches

6.25pm Evening talks (business and technical)

7.00pm Networking and drinks until 7.30pm

Business Speaker: Owen Scott, Concentrate

Owen Scott is Managing Director of Concentrate, a marketing agency that specialises in working with companies with a technology-based product or service, and a gold certified HubSpot partner with deep experience and capability in executing inbound marketing campaigns. Concentrate is HubSpot’s largest partner in New Zealand and in 2017, the company was awarded a global inbound growth award for work with New Zealand electronics exporter, AuCom Electronics.

Talk Title: Six tips to generating more leads online  

If you are not participating in the digital part of the sales process you are increasingly invisible. This is especially true for firms selling hi-tech products and services.
This presentation will give six ideas to attract, nurture and convert sales leads using digital tactics. It will show how to achieve a more efficient sales process, freeing up your sales team to focus on closing rather than cold calling.​

Technical Speaker: Andrew Dachs, R & D Manager, Connexionz

Andrew is the R&D manager at Connexionz.  He joined a little less than a year ago, having been a systems engineer at Tait.  Prior to that he worked in space and medical sectors; always with an emphasis on data communication.  He has an unusual mix of technical and business skills and is currently trying to finish off his MBA.

Talk Title: Connexionz Export Journey

Connexionz provides real time passenger information systems to public transport operators.  The company started by developing a system for Christchurch and has leveraged that to create solutions for customers in NZ, Australia and the United States.  These are complex, high-touch systems and they are a long way from home.  This talk is a frank discussion of where we succeed and the ways we are trying to rise up to meet the challenges when we fall short.


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