Date: 06/05/2014
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Trimble, 11 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, Christchurch

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Business Stream: From Christchurch to San Francisco

Scott Barrington – CEO, Modlar

Scott Barrington will share his story of taking his small Christchurch company Modlar to the US market. He will highlight key differences, in doing business in the USA, and will talk about the pros and cons he has encountered.

Scott founded his first company at 20, and by 26, developed a specific solution to address the inefficiency and waste caused by mistakes in the design process. In 2008, Scott created a marketplace where specifiers can download BIM models in six formats, for free. Taking the images of products from the industry’s largest leading manufacturers, Modlar creates BIM files in the six different formats and syndicates that out to specifiers.

Scott’s interests in business, technology and architecture have led him to seek out ways to combine these elements in order to fix problems experienced within each of these industries. His ultimate passions are chasing big ideas, producing maximum change, and promoting positive industry growth. Scott has achieved acclaim as a finalist in the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star Award in the New Zealand High Tech Awards, and he is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Entrepreneur Development Program.

Technical Stream: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the potential to transform daily life as the rebuild of Christchurch seeks to turn us into one of the most connected cities in the world. This month we have two speakers sharing their experience developing with micro-controllers and where they see the IoT assisting everyday Cantabrians as the city rebuilds.

Any makers interested in attending are welcome to bring along their own IoT projects and join the discussion.

Bryn Lewis – Consultant, devMobile Software

Over 20+ years in the industry, Bryn Lewis has worked in a wide range of business domains including mobile radio, industrial control, spatial search engines, online gambling, online travel and the finance industry.

Bryn is a self employed consultant developing software for Windows Azure and Mobile systems for customers in New Zealand and Australia.

The rise of the Internet of Things and Bryn’s background in SCADA & process control led to his interest in the .Net Micro Framework, Robotics and building networks of distributed devices. Bryn helps teach basic programming to 50 high school students a week at Orion Health using Netduinos as part of the CodeClub initiative.

Ben Tilmann – Software Developer, Trineo

With 12 Years of putting together quality software, Ben Tillman has used Ruby on Rails and plenty of Javascript to build a diverse range of web applications. Studying at Canterbury University he lived and worked in Hong Kong for six years and since returning to Christchurch two years ago, has enjoyed devising software solutions with the Trineo team.

Ben has dreamed since childhood of building robots and science fair projects involving spinning aerofoils and electromagnetic cannons. However the autonomous robot army always seemed slightly out of reach, until one day a robot sumo Arduino shield caught his eye.