Rethink Tech Talent Programme

rethink Tech Talent is an initiative that has been set up to empower and support dyslexic learners to gain high-value employment in the tech industry.

We have many under-utilised and talented people that are already here, including untapped dyslexic talent.

Accessing and supporting this under-utilised pool of talent and out of the box thinking is crucial to the tech industry’s long-term success and gaining a competitive edge.

We’re calling for a rethink.

Supporting extraordinary thinking in tech


A world class tech sector in which truly inclusive companies are able to retain and attract dyslexic talent. We envisage a collaborative sector with flourishing tech companies where dyslexic employees thrive alongside their neurotypical colleagues and leaders.


Starting with the largest neurodiverse cohort, dyslexics, and starting in Canterbury, our mission is to develop a co-designed programme that increases awareness and understanding of dyslexia, providing access to high quality tools and support.

Did you know?

1 in 5 New Zealanders have dyslexia

in 5
dyslexic New Zealanders

That's 20% of your team who may need additional support

9 in 10 employers have a skills shortage

Future needed skills are dyslexic strengths


It’s time to rethink Tech Talent

An innovative new programme that helps tech businesses become more supportive, inclusive of diverse thinking.

Project Leaders

Dorenda Britten

Dorenda Britten Ltd.

Design Specialist
Dyslexic Programme Director

Louisa Taylor

General Manager
Canterbury Tech

Professor of Practice
UC School of Business

Project Team

Ann Brown

Design Researcher
&brown Design Research Ltd.

Chris Cole

Dyslexic Dyslexia Expert
Unique Minds

Callum McKirdy

Dyslexic Dyslexia & ADHD Expert and Speaker
Callum McKirdy

Industry Partners

Strategic Partners

Research Seed Funders

Stage 1 Research Sponsors

Private Donors

General enquiries

For general enquiries about the programme of work please call our Programme Director Dorenda Britten
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