The Committee is elected annually, usually at the end of each year.  We are unashamedly a group of volunteers trying to make things happen in our tech community. While we have great support from our team, the committee all still have day jobs, so the more ideas, volunteers and feedback we get, the better. The 2021 Committee members are listed below.


Elected Committee Members

Brent O’Meagher


Brent is currently the Commercial Manager at GPC Electronics, Australasia’s largest 100% CEM. Brent has over 25 years of domestic and international experience in the design, development and commissioning of hi-tech electronics and computer based systems used offshore and on heavy machinery operating in rugged environments. Brent has experience in industries ranging from offshore oil & gas to marine construction & dredging, fleet tracking and the provision of Wireless Internet services. Brent has held Operations Manager, General Manager and Product & Project Management roles at Tomizone, Actronic Technologies, Navman Wireless and Trimble in both New Zealand and the United States of America. Brent received his Bachelor of Surveying degree from Otago University in 1992

David Carter

Secretary and Immediate Past Chair

David has lived and worked in Christchurch as a software developer and manager for the past 19 years. Prior to that, he worked in the UK as a contractor to BT. In 2011 he co-founded Stratos Technology Partners where he runs the software development division of the business producing line of business applications for a wide variety of New Zealand clients. David would like to see Christchurch attract talented technology professionals looking for jobs with exciting and innovative companies in a stimulating and engaging technology community.

Vaughan Luckman


Vaughan is an experienced Business Analyst with a background working across a wide-range of fields – business process, IT, training, and commercial/financial analysis – in both the Government and Private sectors. Vaughan loves everything to do with business improvement – and has enjoyed applying these skills to Canterbury Tech over the past few years.

Patrick Keo

Elected member

Patrick has been involved in the tech sector in New Zealand for the last nine years. Seven of those years have been with Concentrate where he has helped grow kiwi tech companies, increase their market share or reach within New Zealand and overseas.

A lot of the clients he works with are based in the Canterbury region, some have also gone on to become finalists and winners at the Champion Canterbury awards.

Patrick is passionate about the sector and wants to help it grow even more.

Daniel Harte

Elected member (appointed 2021 replacing Tasneem Gould)

Daniel spent close to a decade supporting Silicon Valley tech start-ups in one of the most challenging markets in the world.

After 10 years in Japan, Daniel has now returned to Christchurch where he was born, grew up, went to school and completed his University study.

Daniel is currently partnering with Canterbury’s most innovative tech companies to attract the best talent and build their local organisations. There is a massive buzz around the Canterbury tech scene at the moment which Daniel is very excited to be a part of. If you are also part of the booming Canterbury tech scene, Daniel would love to connect with you.

Séku Skandan

Elected member

Seku is an experienced product innovator, Digital-Tech IMPACT & new age IKIGAI strategist, XR content technologist & software developer, social change agent & digital transformation executive with dynamic leadership, broad technology, marketing, and a developmental studies background.

His interests are converged towards the domains of climate change, social justice & innovation (diversity and inclusion), future of education (curriculum/content/accessibility), future of work (collaboration/productivity/tools), and community development.

His vision is to leverage the use of technology and other disruptive innovation to mitigate challenges confronting humanity to create a beautiful, healthy, green, kind and just world.


Associate Committee Members

Mariann Matai

Associate member

Mariann proudly manages the South Island operation for Catalyst IT and has an awesome team of skilled technologists, consultants and managers she works with both in Christchurch and Dunedin. Kiwi owned Catalyst IT has been around for over 20 years and employs over 350 fantastic people across the globe. Mariann’s career in the IT sector began almost 25 years ago as a developer, then project manager, then general manager.

Over the years she worked with pretty much any industry you can name and enjoys the variety. She is passionate about the planet and looking after the future of all creatures that call it home. Excited about the potential New Zealand and specifically Christchurch can play in making the world a better place through technology and innovation.

Feel free to email Mariann with any questions/suggestions or just to connect.