NZ Tech


NZTech is the voice of the New Zealand technology sector and our vision is simple – to create a prosperous New Zealand led by a vibrant tech sector. Growth of the sector is critical to our economy and our purpose is to connect, promote and advance the NZ technology sector.

What they do

They help connect tech firms and clusters throughout New Zealand with each other and the world.

They promote the success of the local tech sector to the public, government and the world.

They advance the interests of the tech sector and the benefits of being a world tech leader through advancing strong government relations, education, and tech exports.

NZTech’s goal is to stimulate an environment where technology provides pivotal productivity and economic benefits across New Zealand. They promote the industry’s growth by taking a leadership role on behalf of all members for direct communication with government leaders, media, other sector groups and the public. They represent the collective voice of the technology industry in New Zealand, from start-ups, software exporters, multinational’s, high tech manufacturers and education institutions.


Alliance Agreement between Canterbury Tech and the NZ Technology Industry Association (NZTech)

We are always working to promote our member companies and our vibrant local tech sector and are excited about the opportunity this partnership presents. We will certainly have a stronger voice through NZTech at a national level.

Members of the Canterbury Tech Cluster will become “associate members” of NZTech. NZTech will promote Canterbury Tech on its website which has significant national and international traffic. Canterbury Tech members will be identified as associate members of NZTech and members of Canterbury Tech.

Members of the Tech Cluster will also benefit from a reduced cost of becoming a full membership of NZTech Association. If you are not currently a member of NZTech, and would like to join, you will have the opportunity to do so for the difference in cost i.e. if you paid $350 for our Canterbury Tech Business Silver membership you would normally need to pay $750 for NZTech Corporate membership but through our new partnership agreement you would only need to pay NZTech $400.

We are delighted at the addition benefits this partnership provides our company members.