EPIC Podcast

The Epic Podcast

Neil Hamilton – Canterbury Tech, Josh Flores – Comet Backup and Andy Poulsen – The EPIC Podcast host.


The EPIC Podcast is a tech focused podcast being produced by Canterbury Tech, New Zealand’s most active tech cluster group.

Each episode will feature an interview with a tech leader, either discussing their or their company’s journey, lessons they’ve learnt along the way or delving into a particular area of speciality.

Along with the interview content, we will include a community focus section, news, highlights and discuss upcoming events.

The EPIC Podcast by Canterbury Tech can be found here on iTunes and Spotify or you can find it on your own favourite platform by searching Canterbury Tech Epic podcast.

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EPIC Podcast episode 4 – Andy Millard (Link Engine Management)

In Episode 4 of the EPIC Podcast, Andy Millard discusses the Link Engine Management story, along with some insights into succession planning, changing organisational culture, funding and expansion, and more. In the second part of the episode Michael Trengrove and Feliuai Liu (Uai) update us on the transformation story of […]

EPIC Podcast episode 3 – Rueben Bijl (Smudge Apps story)

In episode 3 of the EPIC Podcast series, Kris Herbert and Andy Poulsen discuss the Smudge Apps story with Rueben Bijl, covering how they got started, what the team looks like today, and Rueben’s observations on the future of apps and what’s on the horizon. In part 2 Andy chats […]

EPIC Podcast episode 2 – Sarah Heal (Information Leadership)

In episode 2 of the EPIC podcast series journalist Kris Herbert interviews Sarah Heal, Director & co-founder of Information Leadership. We talk about their journey so far, their team, how they became Microsoft’s exclusive partner for information management in NZ and some of the interesting hiring decisions they’ve made. Following […]

EPIC Podcast episode 1 – Shaun Ryan (SLI Systems)

For the pilot of the EPIC podcast series we feature journalist Kris Herbert chatting with Shaun Ryan, co-founder of SLI Systems, discussing his journey so far. In part 2, Andy Poulsen chats with Canterbury Tech General Manager Neil Hamilton, covering Tech Week, the Hi-Tech Awards, the Muslim Hackathon and some […]