Canterbury Tech Mentor Programme

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Canterbury Tech wants to grow world-class talent for our local Tech Sector. Our mentoring programme is for professionals working in Canterbury’s technology industry (or those who aspire to). Many successful people credit one or more mentors who made a big impact in helping them achieve early success.

Mentoring isn’t just useful for the mentee, it’s great for mentors too. Mentors will be challenged to stay at the top of their game to provide up-to-date advice.

Starting in 2019 the Mentor Programme run by Canterbury Tech was a big success with about 36 people taking part and overwhelmingly positive feedback. 2023 got rave reviews from those who attended.

Our Mentor Programmes

1 – Career Start Mentor Programme
2 – Mid-Career Mentor Programme

Our mentor programme will start again in 2024. Expressions of Interest are open now for a July 2024 kick off – fill in the form below!


Canterbury Tech programmes are:

Personal - one on one mentoring

Short - only 12 weeks

Structured - series of guidance emails to mentors

Aimed at professionals

Supported by the Canterbury Tech community

About the Programmes

Our Programmes…

Our mentoring programme is now taking expressions of interest for the coming winter, you can join the waiting list for our  programme is underway and we have closed applications until 2024

Mid-Career Mentor Programme

The mid-career programme is aimed at people who are working and are midway through their tech career and looking for support to improve their current skills or make some changes to their career.

To apply as a mentee  – Applications for Mentee are now open for 2024 – kick off in July.

you must already have embarked on your career in tech. You might be a developer, an IT infrastructure specialist, a business analyst, project manager or one of many other tech sector roles. Often the mentees applying for this programme wish to develop their proficiency in some area or move from a purely technical role into some form of leadership, but anyone in tech can apply as long as you have some idea of what you’re trying to achieve!


To apply as a mentor – Applications for Mentee have now open for 2024 – kick off in July

you will need to have an empathetic approach in order to understand your mentee and their specific objectives, plus a genuine desire to share your knowledge, experience and perhaps industry connections with your mentee.

Note: A $25 fully refundable application fee does apply to Mentees if your application is successful.


Career-Start Mentor Programme

Our career-start programme aims to support people looking for their first tech job or just starting out and needing to find your way.

To apply as a mentee – Applications for Mentee have now open for 2024 – kick starts in July – apply NOW.

You could be a student at Uni or another tertiary college, you could be an international immigrant, someone in thier first job or someone emerging from a mid-career change, you could be a self-taught developer or a tech-literate professional wanting to transition more fully into the tech industry. We all know how hard it is to get that first job before you have experience and before you have a network of professional support.

To apply as a mentor – We are still looking for Mentors please apply now

you will need to have empathy for people finding their first job. For example, if you are not a native New Zealander and have experience adapting to the NZ tech culture, we would love to have you.

Important notes: This programme is NOT designed to find the mentee a job, the mentor is not acting as a recruiter, it is to arm the mentee with the professional skills and support to find a job for themselves.

A $25 fully refundable application fee does apply to mentees.

First time at mentoring?

Becoming a mentor can be a fantastic experience for those wanting to develop leadership skills. You don’t need to be a senior to be a mentor (but you can be). Mentors get plenty of support. Before each session, we provide some tips and guidelines by email, on topics you may want to discuss.

Contact us at  if you have questions about any of the programmes on offer.





We have a mentoring Code of Conduct for anyone involved in our mentoring programmes.  Full wording here.