Canterbury Tech Summit 2020 Update

| Canterbury Tech

Most of you will be aware that the current Covid 19 alert level for all of New Zealand (other than Auckland) is Level 2, and this will be reviewed by the government on Monday 14th September, with any changes taking effect from midnight on 16th September. We clearly don’t know what the outcome of this review will be, but at present we are still planning to run Tech Summit as an in-person event on 24th September, with online attendance available to anyone who prefers that option. Ticket sales are going OK, although we would like to lift them, and you will see us pushing sales via various channels in the next few days.

We’ve previously stated that should we not be permitted to hold an in person event for 200+ delegates on 24th September, we’d fall-back to holding an online-only event on the same date. Recent conversations with a number of members, sponsors and ticket-holders appear to indicate a growing preference to postpone the in-person event rather than go online-only, hence we have modified our stance to:

  • If the review on 14th September moves the alert level down to Level 1 and we are permitted to hold the in person event for 200+ people on 24th September, then that’s what we’ll do.
  • If however Level 2 is extended beyond or close to 24th September we would postpone the in-person event to a future date – likely to be in mid-November but subject to venue availability. In the event of such a postponement we would contact all sponsors to discuss how you would like to proceed. We’d also transfer existing tickets, or offer refunds if ticket-holders are unable to attend on the alternate date.

We thank all sponsors for your support during this difficult time! Thanks also to those who’ve purchased tickets already and please encourage others in your network to consider doing so. Should the event need to be postponed, we may need to revise our speaker programme depending on speaker availability, but we’d hope that most elements could remain as previously communicated.



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