Industry partners sought for UC Masters of Applied Data Science students

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The message below is from the University of Canterbury, who are looking for industry organisations to host Masters of Applied Data Science students for project internships. These internships do not have to be paid, but Canterbury Tech’s stance on this is that:

  • If you have a specific project where it’s clear a Data Scientist is going to add value or sales to your business, then payment is strongly encouraged.
  • If you are speculating on a Data Science intern to see if they can unlock value within your business, then it is more acceptable they are unpaid.

Contact details are on the last page of the flyer – please don’t contact Canterbury Tech for more detail!

Canterbury Tech

The University of Canterbury College of Engineering, Masters of Applied Data Science, is looking to engage with organisations, to collaborate on projects they may not normally have time, or the resources, to consider. To help organisations with the cleaning, processing, predictive modelling, interpretation, and visualisation of data.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect you with our community of students, and academics. We want you to challenge them with the projects that will help businesses grow, innovate, and maximise its data, at the same time you will be helping shape tomorrow’s industry and community leaders.

This is the exciting part: The projects do not have to be funded, although we do encourage where possible that you offer a payment to the student for the time they work on your the project, and you will need to invest some time with the student, to ensure the best outcomes for you and them. In return students will produce a project report for you, and deliver a presentation to the student group, back at the University of Canterbury, to which you are encouraged to attend. Reports and presentations can be kept confidential, however, where possible these reports and presentations are delivered in front of their peers.

We only have 115 students available, this semester, to work on projects with companies and, as some companies will want more than one student, I recommend getting in touch sooner, rather than later. The official deadline for project submissions is Monday, 30 September 2019, but this may be sooner if all our students are taken. If you have other timeframes, that you would work better for you let us know, and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Please take this, almost free opportunity to gain valuable data insights into your data. If you know of somebody else that may benefit from this opportunity, please feel free to share, with them as well.

Attached is some more information about this great opportunity.