Kiss My SaaS Workshop with Serge van Dam

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How well do businesses know their customer profile and how are they qualifying them? 

These were two of the main questions Kiwi B2B SaaS companies explored in the the Kiss My SaaS Workshop in Ōtautahi Christchurch in November.

Facilitator Serge van Dam provided deep insight into two main themes throughout the workshop: qualification and understanding the customer profile

In regards to growing and scaling their products globally, Kiwi SaaS companies and Serge dived into repeatable and scalable sales models and how important qualification is in terms of getting that right and being able to scale the sales and marketing function.

This portion of the workshop allowed the attendees to better understand the gaps of knowledge and understanding they face with qualification and getting to a place where they can successfully scale their products globally.

Some of the questions that were raised by Serge were:

  1. What do you need to ask to qualify a lead?
  2. How do you ascertain what is your customer’s value?
  3. Do you know how you qualify your leads?

Attendees were able to bounce their insights and ideas back-and-forth to get to the root cause of their roadblocks – many having the same struggles of not understanding or pinpointing how they qualify their leads.

One way to help answer these questions is to explore common themes within paying customers. Serge explained in depth that the key to repeatability is qualifying leads. The more you can qualify, the easier it is for you to repeat sales.

The other thing that came up was having a deep understanding of the customer profile and how often young growing companies don’t focus their attention on understanding that ideal customer.

He broke down the importance of finding which customer profile buys quicker. In terms of scalability, he challenged the SaaS companies to not get into the habit of thinking they need a massive share of their industry to be successful globally.

What they need is a defined customer profile and lead capture process that is repeatable.

Overall, it was a great workshop to eavesdrop on and learn how more about the marketing opportunities and visions Kiwi businesses are working on to grow their businesses.

A big thank you to Serge van Dam and NZTE for putting on this workshop in Christchurch. If you’re interested in attending another Kiss My SaaS workshop, head to

About Serge van Dam:

Serge van Dam is an active Investor Director in globally-minded Kiwi software companies, including Montoux, Wipster, Tourwriter, Raygun and CoGo. Originally an Organisational Psychologist, Serge is passionate about growth in all of its manifestations, and has a deep interest in software-driven disruption. He spent a decade as an acknowledged thought leader in fintech / digital banking, having been part of the leadership team as CMO for M-Com – the world’s leading mobile banking platform – which was acquired by NASDAQ-listed Fiserv in 2011. Since 2015, Serge has also been an NZTE Beachheads Advisor, and in that capacity, run numerous forums and workshops for its customers.