The Canterbury Tech Ecosystem is Live!

| Canterbury Tech

We are proud to say that,  it’s live!! The Canterbury Tech Ecosystem Map, powered by OrbViz is up and running at  This is something that many stakeholders across the tech scene have been asking for – from job seekers, to companies looking for suppliers, to economic development agencies. We know that tech is vital to the economy in Canterbury and we are keen to make the industry easy to understand.

The tech sector in Canterbury is a key and ever-growing part of the local economy. It is also diverse – ranging from the large tech companies we often think of when the ‘tech sector’ is mentioned (Jade, Tait, Trimble etc), through to a growing cohort of in-house tech teams who are enabling traditionally ‘non-tech’ business to do what they do better.

We want to ensure that this whole ecosystem is visible. There are a lot of companies doing amazing things across the region – and often very few people have heard about them!  So if you have tech focused staff in your business – then get on the map!

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