Financial assistance for Canterbury Employers to bring on tech trainees

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How about keyboard ready instead of shovel ready?

Mana in Mahi is a government scheme aiming to help employers with a range of grants to help bring on trainees and this is equally effective for some technology pathways such as junior developers, database admin and any entry level role you have.

Imagine you meet someone with natural inclination towards programming, is well versed with computer software/hardware, but has little work experience in the tech industry. If they’ve not completed a relevant qualification, they may struggle getting over the line with that first job and so are at risk of unemployment. An employer who offers permanent employment to an adult at minimum wage ( or even better living wage) with guaranteed hours and wants to get their new trainee to undertake any NZQZ accredited course , for example the NZ Certificate in Applied Software Development (Level 6). The trainee then begins employment, and is kept under 90-day trial. Once satisfied, the employer enrols the trainee in the agreed training pathway during month 3, and claims wage subsidies from MSD monthly.

Here’s a summary of the financial support for the employer (GST Exclusive):

$16,000 Wage Subsidy
Wage subsidy per participant, up-to $16,000 for 12-months (pro-rated for part-time). Note the participant must enrol in a training pathway within 3 months.

$8,000 Course Fees
Industry training course fees – up to $8,000 over 12-months (where not covered by Fees Free or the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund). This can be claimed where the training provider has issued a course fees invoice, and the trainee has no subsidised coverage from those mentioned. Fees-Free entitlement is tested here: the trainee’s National Student Number.

$2,000 Pre-employment Training
Up-to $2,000 ($500 a week for up to four weeks) if an employee needs training prior to beginning work. Paid direct to the employer and negotiated as part of the contract conditions before submitting. Trainees can continue to receive income support during this time or complete their training whilst employed.

Paid to Participant
Here’s a summary of the financial support and incentives

$3,000 Incentive Payments
Up-to $1,000 paid to participants at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, providing the participant remains engaged in their training pathway.

$2,000 Additional Educational Support
Trainees can apply for additional funds to support their learning. These funds can be used for literacy and numeracy support if unavailable, or learning equipment, such as laptops, if homework or correspondence is involved.

If you need assistance in Canterbury or would like to find out more then please contact James McMillan, Canterbury Mana in Mahi Administrator on D: 03 961 9085 or email at