Tech Summit 2020 – Registrations now open for Canterbury Tech members!

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Tickets for the Canterbury Tech Summit are now on sale!

But that’s nuts given the current situation in Auckland we hear you say! No really, we’ve thought it through and have a cunning plan. Please read on …

Yes it’s been a challenging time to plan a conference. Despite the current situation in Auckland, we are proceeding with our in-person conference on 24th September as long as the following two conditions are met by early September:

1. The prevailing Alert Level in NZ permits us to hold a conference of at least 200 people in-person (which it wouldn’t currently as at 17th August).

2. We sell 200+ tickets – the threshold where the in person Tech Summit would be financially viable and deliver value to sponsors.

Adopting these conditions to guide our thinking means we will comply with prevailing government directives and only proceed with the in person event if it is deemed safe, and economically viable. If these conditions are not met, even with late developments a few days prior to the Tech Summit, we’d fall-back to running Tech Summit online only and refund your ticket price in full. Financial members of Canterbury Tech would then be entitled to attend the online version of Tech Summit for free.

So fear not. Please buy your ticket with confidence. Why? Because:

1. If you don’t and we fail to reach 200 ticket sales, we will have to go online by default – we need YOUR support to run this thing in person.
2. If you don’t, and we proceed with the in person Tech Summit you may well catch a bad case of FOMO.
3. If you do, and the in person event is subsequently cancelled – you’ll get your money back anyway.


Date: Thursday 24th September 2020

Where: Rydges Latimer Square, 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011

Morning Session
Innovate & Transform: 8.30am – 1.30pm (includes light lunch)

Afternoon Session
Applied Tech, The Next Wave: 1.30pm – 6.30pm (includes light networking drinks)


Member Cost: $90.00 (plus GST) per half day / $160.00 (plus GST) per full day. Online is included in your membership.

Tickets are limited and will be on sale for Canterbury Tech members only (until 1st September 2020).


The world around us is changing rapidly and uncertainty abounds. The impact of COVID-19 promises to be enduring and far-reaching. What a great time for our Canterbury Tech community to come together, collaborate, share knowledge and discuss how we propose to expand and thrive as a growth sector for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We invite all techpreneurs, disruptors and technology ecosystem leaders to join us again this September for a 2020 Canterbury Tech Summit that has itself been adapted to align with the new norms in conferencing.

For speaker details visit the website.